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This is your personal invitation from Me to You. I would love to invite you to The Tovas Village where we have men and women who are young at heart, bring so much wisdom and knowledge who want to change their lives, lifestyle and lives of other people. The Tovas Village has people who are motivated, intuitive and provide some much support for one another. Us, Wellness Advocates, all have such excitement for these incredible, doTERRA Essential Oils. These life changing products aspire us to show people how by simply switching from a heavily advertised commercialized product to a natural essential oil or vitamin solution for almost everything. This simple transition can have your skin radiating, provide a restful night sleep, digestive harmony, no more aches and pains, your hormones in check, robust immune systems, emotional support and much much more, all whilst smelling amazing. This is not a job, this a life experience that will create a lifestyle that will give you the balance you require in life to be able to allow yourself to develop and lead yourself first and to be able to show people financial freedom, teaching universal or spiritual principles and support you to create your own lives of absolute abundance and limitless choices. With warmest Regards,      
Jo Tovas
JT – Jo Tovas