Gift For YOU

Every month doTERRA does a promotion it can be 10% off a specific item. Place a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order to the value of 125PV and receive a free oil. Some months they will do a promotion when you do a LRP order to the value of 200PV and receive more free oils. Your order must be place by the 15th of every month to be able to receive the free oils.

Here is an example of one of doTERRA promotion this is for September 2018

doTERRA also does approximately three times a year BOGO promotion this is where you are able to buy one essential oil and receive one free. This promotion runs for five (5) days only and the promotion is 24 hours only and it is first in best dress because once it runs out that is it for the day.

Here is an example of one of doTERRA BOGO promotion this was for June 2018

If you are not sure how to purchase the oils then click here and this will take you to the page that has all the details